4 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

26 November 2018

We all want to be warm and comfortable throughout winter, but sometimes relying on central heating so often can prove expensive. In this article, we will show you a few different ways you can keep your home warm in winter, without spending a fortune on heating bills.

Develop Good Winter Habits


thick socks winterIt’s easy to forget that a few simple changes in habits can make a huge difference to your home. In winter, keep your blinds open so that the light heats your home, at night, shut the blinds as they act as a layer of insulation on your windows.

Even something as simple as wearing an extra layer, thick socks or a vest perhaps, can make a huge difference to your comfort and warmth in the home.

If you cook using the oven on a cold day, leave the oven door open after cooking to circulate the heat around your home. (Make sure to keep pets and children away while the oven is still hot.)

Block Out Draughts


A simple, cheap solution to keeping your home warm is to block draughts. You can purchase adhesive seals for doors or buy door draught excluders to stop heat from escaping.

If you’re creative, why not even make your own draught excluder as a DIY project?

DIY Heating Tricks

firewood fireHere are a few tips you can do at home with a bit of DIY skill:

Pipe lagging or pipe insulation simply refers to applying a layer of insulation to the pipes that provide hot water and heat your home. This means that less heat is wasted and your home stays hotter for longer.

A thin sheet of card with tinfoil wrapped around it, placed behind a radiator, can be useful to reflect heat away from the wall and into the room.

‘Bleeding’ your radiator also may make your heating more efficient. Releasing trapped air at the top of a radiator allows them to heat more effectively, saving you money.

External Wall Insulation


External wall insulation is a great investment for those looking to keep their homes warm in winter.

If your home naturally loses a lot of heat through the outer layer of the walls, EWI is a great solution.

Essentially, a layer of insulative material is fitted on the outside of your home, on the wall. This is then covered with mesh reinforcement and a protective base coat. Then there is the final decorative finish.

There are different styles of finish we offer to suit your home. Whether, smooth, textured, painted, tiled, panelled, pebble-dashed or finished with brick slips.

If you’re interested in having external wall insulation installed for your home, feel free to contact us.