5 Reasons to Insulate Your Home

15 May 2019

As our planet warms and we creep ever closer to the 2050 deadline for a climate neutral Europe in order to attempt to mitigate the effects of climate change, issues such as home insulation are becoming increasingly pressing.

One of the easiest, most effective and most cost-efficient methods of building insulation is external wall insulation (EWI).

Here are five reasons why you should insulate your home with EWI, and they’re not simply environmental:

5 – EWI Makes a Structure More Durable:

As structures age, they become less durable as their integrity degrades, making them more susceptible to heat loss.

Applying EWI to a building’s surface will increase the durability of a structure, providing a protective layer to the outside while also working to retain heat.

4 – Improving or Refreshing the Look of Your Property:

EWI coatings can be tailored to the building in question and can serve purposes beyond the merely functional.

Applying EWI to the exterior of a building can be a method of improving its appearance, or simply refreshing the look of a structure that’s showing its age.

3 – Keeping Comfortable:

Insulating your property will cause more heat to be retained in cold winters and restrict heat absorption during hot summers.

This will contribute to a more comfortable environment for all inside, as a more stable temperature can be maintained.

2 – Dramatic Energy Savings:

Heating any building or space requires the use of one resource or another, which will cost the bill payer. Therefore, one of the simplest ways to reduce costs is to hold in this heat for as long as possible.

Insulating your property will help make the most of any heat generated and allow for dramatic savings, especially in winter. Heating bills for insulated properties can be cut by up to half.

EWI, in particular, is likely to offer especially good return on investment (ROI).

1 – Environmental Benefits:

Domestic heating is, in the majority of cases, fuelled by the combustion of non-renewable resources, primarily gas.

The extraction and burning of such resources releases CO2, which has been identified as the leading current cause of climate change.

In the U.K., domestic homes are responsible for almost a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, 80% of which is caused in turn by space and water heating.

Home and building insulation leads to the reduced consumption of non-renewable resources and therefore a reduction in carbon footprints.


To learn more about with external wall insulation could benefit your home, property or business, and how to insulate your home get in touch today.