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Over recent years, anti-crack rendering has become one of the most powerful breakthroughs in building technology. From avant-garde architecture to old, historic properties, we can apply rendering to a vast range of buildings.

The life expectancy, aesthetics and quality of today’s rendered finishes are fast improving. At Gaffney & Guinan, we use reinforcement meshes for our render solutions. In addition, we also apply the use of polymer-based basecoats.

Our extensive range of rendered treatments is suitable for all architectural settings. Plus, we provide a vast array of finishes, ranging from vibrant colours to pastel tones.

Rendering is one of the key services we provide here at Gaffney & Guinan. If you live in Birmingham or its surrounding area and are interested in improving the quality of your property, get in touch with our team today. Read on to learn more about how our external rendering services can help your property.


Benefits of House Rendering


Types of House Rendering

There are several different types of external renders that you can opt for. We can tailor the design to your liking.

Cement render – cement is the typically used render for external rendering. Our on-site specialists mix it and then apply it in coats. To ensure the render is suitable for painting, we apply the last coat thinly and give it a good finish.

Polymer renders – our specialists pre-mix the material for polymer renders. White cement and lime are the polymer rendering materials that we use. We then add plastic products into the mix to help improve the render’s crack resistance and toughness.

Acrylic renders – We typically use acrylic renders to give your home that nice, smooth finish. We apply them as a thin finish to seal the underlying coat and improve its appearance.

Monocouche renders – The French term monocouche translates to “single layer” or “bed”. Monocouche renderings are a new introduction to the rendering industry. The one-coat render is pre-mixed with water, and we can apply by hand or machine. Although this render uses white cement, it is usually coloured in various colours beforehand. As it is only one coat, monocouche renders are quicker to apply than other types.

Lime renders – Lime plasterings were a widely used option long ago. These days, lime renderings are regaining popularity. However, lime renderings are more challenging to install than other renders. As a result, lime renders are more suitable for renovation projects. Lime renders are available from a wide range of companies.

Insulating Renders – We can use insulating render to refurbish a home. This form of render is helpful when your exterior walls are deteriorating or not well insulated. Are your exterior walls leaking or susceptible to water damage? If so, insulating render can help.


Factors to Consider

What type of render is most suitable for your property

One type of render may be more suitable for your property than another, and all renders have varying life spans.

A lime render would be the most suitable option if you lived in an old house. An older building has more movement and an aged structure, and would therefore be more prone to cracks in cement renders, for example.

At Gaffney & Guinan, our team of experts will guide you through this decision-making process, helping you make the choice that is best for your property and goals.


Will you require planning permission to apply for external render?

Whether or not you can apply external render to your property depends on a couple of factors:

  1. Type of building – If your property is a listed building, with special historical or architectural qualities, you will have to obtain planning permission prior to beginning your rendering project. You will find these buildings on The National Heritage.
  2. Location – If your property is situated in a National Park, Conservation or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, then you’ll also need planning permission before applying the external render.


Luckily, if your property falls outside of those areas, you won’t require planning permission to render your home. However, you will need make sure that the materials you use are similar to those used in the original construction.

Our team of advisors will happily review your case and provide you with detailed feedback on the best practice. If you’d like to discuss the best way of rendering your home, contact our team at Gaffney & Guinan today.


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If interior insulation is too intrusive, external rendering is the ideal alternative. We include rigid insulation as part of our rendering package. Our specialists will attach rigid insulation to your walls. It is then attached to a reinforcing mesh, a base coat, and a finishing coat.

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At Gaffney & Guinan, we deliver industry-leading external rendering services throughout Birmingham and its surrounding areas, and provide a seamless customer experience in every project we undertake.

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