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At Gaffney & Guinan, we specialise in providing unrivalled external wall insulation services in Plymouth. Our professional installers and surveyors carry a vast wealth of experience when it comes to building renovations. As a result, we offer a seamless customer experience in every project we undertake, whether we’re working on housing projects or commercial properties.

If you live in Plymouth or the surrounding areas and want to save energy, money and improve the quality of your property, contact us today for a quote.

Learn more about how our external wall insulation services can help you improve your home’s aesthetic quality, value, and comfort.

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Benefits of External Wall Insulation Plymouth

The benefits of our external wall insulation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Lowers your carbon footprint – by using external wall insulation, you are helping to reduce carbon emissions dramatically. When you install external wall insulation on your property, you can rely less on gas and electric heating due to the high insulation levels. As a result, EWI is a suitable option for homeowners looking to increase their home’s thermal efficiency whilst also benefitting the environment.
  • Improved appearance – our insulation systems are aesthetically pleasing, refreshing the appearance of your home’s exterior. At Gaffney & Guinan, we offer a vast range of beautiful colours and finishes that can stand the test of time.
  • Reduces energy bills – external wall insulation helps you to keep the heat inside your home. By lowering the amount of heat your household loses, you can reduce the cost of energy bills.
  • No loss of internal space – during external wall insulation, your home is encased in insulation secured to your outer walls. One key benefit of this method is that it enables us to provide insulation without taking up valuable internal floor space. UK property prices are soaring, and space is essential now more than ever. When using external wall insulation, you don’t need to worry about losing internal space. At Gaffney & Guinan, our installation process is swift and unintrusive.

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External Insulation Wall Insulation Grants Plymouth

Gaffney & Guinan is committed to providing UK-leading insulation services to homes and businesses in Plymouth. Every project is completed to the highest quality and standard.

Government funds are available to help with the cost of installing your EWI. Grants assist in partially funding the cost of insulation supplies and installation, so you don’t have to handle the total bill alone. Grants are available to anyone, regardless of income. Here’s where you can learn more about government grants.

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We provide external wall insulation and house rendering services in Plymouth and the rest of central and southern England and Wales.

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